Why You Should Use Milk Soaps (Especially Plant Based Milk Soaps)

Milk soaps have been around for centuries and for good reason! It’s excellent for skin. Many know that drinking milk provides tons of nutrients but applying it to your skin also carries a lot of benefits.

Almond & Coconut Milk Soaps
A few of our milk soaps at The Loving Essence

Milk helps to provide a healthy glow, is rich in vitamin A for dry skin, biotin for cell growth and healthy skin, as well as vitamin B6 for new cell formation. Not to mention calcium, selenium and lactic acid!

If you have sensitive skin, you could benefit from using milk soaps as it is very gentle to the skin and cleanses the skin while helping it to retain moisture.

Some people get deterred from using milk soaps as they would like to stay away from animal based products; however, there are several plant based milk alternatives that can be used in soaps and offer just as much benefit.

Rosemary Anise Soap instagram
Rosemary Anise Soap made with Almond Milk

One example is Almond Milk. Almond Milk soaps are gentle, moisturizing, and nourishing to the skin. They also helps to soften and tone the skin and are excellent for those with sensitive skin.

Another alternative is Coconut Milk. Coconut Milk is packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin C, which helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity and flexibility. Coconut Milk is also rich in

Coconut Milk Soaps
Luxurious coconut milk soaps

Vitamin E which adds to the moisturizing properties in soaps and also makes for a much gentler bar of soap. Because of all the vitamins and nutrients in coconut milk, it helps to promote healthy, glowing skin.

If you haven’t tried a plant-based milk soap before, I encourage you to give it a try.

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